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Buy Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoes

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buy adidas adipower weightlifting shoes

Like other weightlifting shoes in this class, the Adipowers are built with a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) midsole and heel. TPU is high-density and ultra-stable, creating a supportive, non-compressive shoe.

In terms of fit, the Romaleos are notoriously narrow through the midfoot and into the toebox. While I recommend many people to order a half-size down on most weightlifting shoes (relative to training shoes), I encourage most to do the opposite with Romaleos. At the very least, I would start with your training shoe size if you have narrow feet. If you have wide feet, I would look elsewhere.

Another interesting feature of the Romaleos is that they have a wider outsole with sharper edges to prevent the foot from rolling inward or outward. While I like this feature for stability, it takes some getting used to compared to the rounder edges of other weightlifting shoes.

The Adipower 3s are some of the highest-rated weightlifting shoes on the market. Users love the quality and stability, but some found the shoe too narrow for their wider feet. Overall, owners were very pleased with the performance and stability, but a few found them too flexible through the midfoot, especially compared to the original Adipowers.

Whenever you plan to perform Olympic-style exercises, you need to make sure you support your body with the proper foundation. Lifting shoes are one of the most critical aspects of your weightlifting workout.

A tight, secure strap keeps the shoe still while you press through heavy lifts. Lifting shoes allow you to better feel the ground under you, giving you more support from your feet to your legs and through the rest of your body. Paired with a weightlifting belt, weightlifting shoes can improve form and muscle activation and reduce the risk of injury. 041b061a72

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