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WWE 3D Game: How to Install and Play the Most Realistic Wrestling Game

Wrestling Revolution 3D is a wrestling game that invites players to step into the ring and practice their moves against some of the best in the business. While the controls promise to be simple to get to grips with, the number of different moves available can take time to master, which adds an aspect of realism to the game.

Whether you prefer to call the shots in the ring or behind the scenes, if you have an interest in wrestling you are likely to have fun playing Wrestling Revolution 3D. however, to get past certain stages of the game it is almost essential to pay for boasts and other elements, while the regular appearance of advertising can put a dampener on the fun.

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Thousands of people around the world like wrestling as a form of entertainment because it has the ideal balance of drama and movement. What if we told you there was a game where you could wrestle against the best wrestlers? You might be pleased to learn about Wr3d 2k23. For all fans of wrestling, WE3d 2k23 Android is a simulation-based, fully developed sport.

It is stated up front that the game is story-based, thus the player is not immediately thrust into the ring. The wrestler is introduced to numerous clothing companies for lease as the sport gets underway. With the help of numerous firms and businesses, the participant will eventually be approached to take part in the Wr3D wrestling arena.

The gameplay in WR3D 2K23 is straightforward and offers a wide range of options. strong moves, well-known superstars, unique WWE events, and other characteristics are included to make your playtime entertaining for a long time. A player has the option of going solo, forming a squad, or, to use WWE terminology, the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The gameplay of WR3D 2K23 is quite similar to that of Wr3d 2k22, WWE, AEW, IMPACT, NXT, and other wrestling formats. Each class has its own gamers and codecs. A wrestler wants to select a category and competitors in that regard. There are on-screen commands to guide players along the way; this feature can also be turned off.

There are a few recreation players in WR3D 2K23 to accommodate both beginners and experienced players. Depending on their level of proficiency, wrestlers can choose from any mode. This wrestling video game includes the following game modes: Exhibition, Training, Events, Career, and GM Mode. Training mode is recommended for new players to begin their wrestling journeys. The wrestler can also select the difficulty level, which ranges from easy to difficult.

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Everybody has a number of favorite WWE athletes who have captured their attention for as long as they can remember. You can play as many beloved, well-known WWE celebrities, including John Cena, in this game. Stone Cold, Xavier Woods, The Rock, Andre the Giant, Triple H, AJ Styles Sting, Seth Rollins, Joinder Mahal, Steve Austin, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and many more.

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A while ago, I reviewed a wrestling game called Wrestling Revolution 3D. The game is for mobiles, a small console called the Ouya, and there is a PC version of the game in development. The game was developed by a single person nicknamed Mdickie, who has made plenty of wrestling games in the past, including Wrestling Revolution, which is like Fire Pro Wrestling, on a camera angle similar to the SNES wrestling games, and has a button based grappling system. Mdickie has spent the last nine months working on the 3D version of the game, which has been released in October. But in October, you only had "cards" of shows. Finally, Mdickie spent the last three months releasing a Career mode similar to his other games, where you take a created wrestler and put him through a very detailed career. Much to some people's surprise, he also bundled in a Booking mode, which is similar to the WWE games universe mode. This was surprising, because in the past he had it as a separate game. For a mobile game, it is kind of pricey. It is free to download and play both career modes, and all the shows. However, to get access into Exhibition mode and both Career modes (easier to get a good contract, or sign someone in Booking mode), and to unlock the editor, and removing all ads, it will cost $9.98 USD.

I will talk more about this game in depth as I go along. So, is Wrestling Revolution 3D better than Fire Pro Wrestling? No, nothing is better than Fire Pro Wrestling. But is it worth the $9.98 USD to get the full experience? Read on to find out.First off the, graphics. Mdickie's last 3D wrestling game was in 2011 called Wrestling Mpire Remix. Remix had cartoonish graphics that worked out just fine. Wrestling Revolution 3D improves upon this, with a more realistic look. There is more detail in the faces and body textures, and there are some clothing options that Remix didn't have. When you play it, you will see similarities to Remix. Some might not be impressed with the graphics, as gamers tend to want their games to look more realistic. Others may even scoff at them. I like to describe the in-game graphics as WWF No Mercy: Remastered. Now, if only WWF No Mercy: Remastered existed. The world would be a much happier place.

Speaking of No Mercy, this game has plenty of different camera angles. You can switch from a Side view, to a "Hard Camera", a bird's eye view, and a lot more. There's even the isometric view of Fire Pro Wrestling, and the camera angle from AKI wrestling games that points to the entrance way. You can also adjust the height and zoom of the camera.

Now on to the funner aspects of the gameplay. The first thing I noticed is that getting hit normally triggers some excellent selling. You will find your wrestler rolling, and on occasion flipping about if you get hit with a move like a Big Boot. Some matches had me feeling like I watched a Bad News Barrett gauntlet match where he faced Ric Flair, Dolph Ziggler, Shawn Michaels, Mr.Perfect, and Seth Rollins. And Barrett beat them all with Bullhammer elbows. Imagine how many oversells that gauntlet match would have. And now you have a picture of how awesome the selling and sometimes overselling is in this game.

Wrestling Revolution 3D, just like Mdickie's other games, has it's funny moments. Some intentional by the developer, and some unintended. One example of the funny moments is the roster. You have an absolutely GIGANTIC roster of 300+ characters. It's a lot like my favorite wrestling video game series, Fire Pro Wrestling. Mdickie is not affiliated with any wrestling promotion, so if he used real life wrestlers, he'd get mercilessly sued. So, he had wrestlers that looked very familiar to wrestlers we've seen before, and had very familiar names. Remember a few months ago when Dragon Ryan overcame the odds to defeat Rory Awesome and Beast Eater back at Wrestlemania? What a wonderful night that was. You can even edit one of the wrestlers in the game to create your own, but there doesn't seem to be any space to add a new one into the universe.

And also, there is a ton of different rings. A standard square ring, a six sided ring, an Octagon ring, and even a War-Games ring, which is a match where there were two rings that was used in WCW. My all time favorite gimmick match. And it is possible to have a cage above all of these. However, it is not a roofed cage. It is even possible to have a giant ring and a claustrophobic ring. If you do get this game, try out a War Games match with the ring size at 25%. Prepare to bust a gut.

Despite everything I have said about this game, it still has it's problems. There is a glitch where a wrestler can go through the ring and get counted out, or even end up floating. Submissions are completely random and can be frustrating, when you tap out with full health. The amazing selling I described can actually hurt at times during a battle royal, if you flip outside of the ring after a simple move like an atomic drop.

First, the wrestling career. WWE 2K15 for next-gen systems introduced us to "MyCareer" mode. This is the first time in a long time a WWE game has had this type of game mode. No more story modes or Nostalgia modes this time (unless you still haven't upgraded yet). I don't have 2K15, but I think they did a nice job. But Mdickie has mastered this type of game mode years before. And this game, doesn't disappoint. Just like in most of Mdickie's other wrestling games, you create a wrestler. Here, you choose a wrestler from Wrestling School. You can then edit this wrestler to be your own vision. From the Wrestling School roster, I'd choose Newbie Nate, as there's nothing interesting to him.

Mdickie's career modes are thought to be the best part of his games, and that doesn't change here. You can either choose to have fun, make the most ridiculous wrestler you can imagine, or you can take it seriously, and try to win as many matches as possible, or try to be a real wrestler, jobbing when needed and trying to put on the best match possible.

But this time, Mdickie decided to outdo himself and release a booking mode as well! This is different, because in the past, Mdickie would have the wrestling version of his game, and then release the Management/Booking version as a separate game. But here, they are bundled together.

Booking is essentially the same as Mdickie's other games. You have two kinds of shows: TV Tapings, and Pay-per-views. On the TV Tapings, you have to schedule 6 matches. With Pay-per-views, you have 8 matches. Match making takes the freedom of the exhibition mode, except there's one setback. With exhibition mode, you can put on any kind of match you wish to see, with impunity. In booking mode, you will notice that with every change you make, you are racking up production costs. Adding more weapons, changing up the ring, and adding a cage will make the show more and more expensive.

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