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Ruben Korolev
Ruben Korolev

Inside (A Linterieur) 2007 Unrated 1080p BluRay X264 AnoXmous

browsing through hulu the night before i spotted this american remake. my expectations were low based on prior experience with many american horror remakes, but this particular remake sunk far lower than my already low expectations.the story isn't an exact copy of the original. they did make changes and the biggest changes were in the last third of the film. unbelievable beyond belief and the producers having seen the original which should have given them an excellent template to base their remake seem to totally ignore it.before the opening scene and immediately after the opening credits, a statistic is shown on the screen literally giving away the twist in the plot that the original film doesn't unveil until the very end. by doing that, they literally killed any chance of developing a sense of suspense and surprise that the original was so great at doing. in the original film, the audience doesn't understand why the killer is doing what she does until the very end, but this film constantly reminds us of what the plot is as though the audience has a 30 second attention deficit. i would not recommend this film to a friend at all. anyone who has not seen the original, i highly recommend you watch the original film, even if you do not like subtitles. if you see this film first and uncover the twist, it will ruin the original for you and you will miss out on a highly rated french extreme horror original.

Inside (A Linterieur) 2007 Unrated 1080p BluRay X264 AnoXmous

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