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Assetto Corsa Online

A well-structured ranking system will evaluate individual performance and driving behaviour to reward the most virtuous drivers and promote fair play in online competitions. The matchmaking function makes sure that you can compete with opponents of similar skill level and easily find online races to join, while the leaderboards will allow you to compare single-lap performance with virtual pilots from around the world with the same car, circuit and weather conditions.

Assetto Corsa online

The game allows to adjust realism settings fitting the experience of the player, ranging from artificial to "factory" or entirely disabled assists. A variety of session modes and session settings are available for offline and online play. Offline campaign, special events, custom championships, hotlap, quick race, drift, drag and race weekend sessions can be played alone or against AI. A server manager tool allows to create servers for online sessions, LAN sessions are also supported.

When joining an offline/online session players can adjust their car through a setup interface. Depending on the car this includes gear ratios, tyre compounds, tyre pressures, fuel, suspension settings like anti-roll bars, wheel rates, ride height, packer rates, travel range, damper settings like bump stops and rebounds, heave dampers, alignment setting, drivetrain settings for differential lock and pre-load, hybrid settings, adjustments to the wings, brake bias, brake power, engine limiter, etc. Assists like traction control and ABS, turbo boost, KERS, ERS and engine brake settings and brake bias can be adjusted on the fly through hot-keys.

As with most games, racing with real people online is a whole different game than racing against the computer. The AI drivers in this game are very accurate but still can not compete with practiced drivers. Jumping into online competitions can be daunting for new players. Here is everything you need to know about taking your racing skills online in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

AI drivers are brutally accurate with their maneuvers. At the end of the day, they are programmed not to crash if they can help it and not to push too many boundaries. Skilled players will be used to using this fact to their advantage without knowing it. Drivers online are harder to predict than the computer-controlled cars. Players should keep their eyes open for unexpected issues and more frequent wrecks depending on the race.

Having a good Pitstop strategy is essential to completing longer races during online play. Players need to keep in mind that they will definitely lose time during a Pitstop. They should also keep in mind that all the other drivers will need to take them as well, so there should be no sweat. Take a Pitstop in a time where it is most logical to do so. Never wait for the tires to be fully worn out before going to the Pit. Never wait for the fuel gauge to be so low that there is no other option than to refuel.

As far as I remember you can`t see your driver ratings when offline, you probably cant`t improve them too, thus making the trophies for bronze/silver/gold/platinum Driver category impossible if not playing online.

World Sim Series is a new user-friendly online platform that connects sim racers, event organizers, and sponsors to promote professional sim racing. We offer easy to use user interface for entering and organizing sim racing competitions and handle all the technical aspects on our platform. Sim racers have an opportunity to get into real racing, with real prizes, ranging from cash payouts to fully sponsored real-world racing opportunities. The system is for Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione software. 041b061a72

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