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Former 'Pregnant Girl' Builds Support To Help Other Teen Moms: Nicole Lynn Lewis felt overwhelmed and isolated as a young single mom in college. Now she runs a nonprofit designed to help teen parents get the financial and emotional support they need to thrive.

alison teen

Hodgson, E., Moriarty Daley, A., Damiani, M., Comulada Silverman, P., & Speese-Linehan, D. (2012). Answering the call to action: Helping New Haven teens avoid unintended pregnancy five-year progress report (2007-2012). New Haven, CT: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program at Yale University.

Moriarty Daley, A. (2012). Rethinking school-based health centers as complex adaptive systems: Maximizing opportunities for the prevention of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Advances in Nursing Science, 35, e37-e46.

Natalie Borrell is the Founder of Life Success for Teens. She coached high school and competitive cheerleading for 8 years and this is where she realized that she had a gift for connecting with teenagers and motivating them to be the best version of themselves. She has 11 years of experience working as a school psychologist in a public high school. Her areas of expertise include working with students who have ADHD, executive functioning weaknesses, and other learning differences.

There are real reasons why you are seeing these changes in your teen! Developmental changes are occurring on the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive level in your teenager rapidly. It is often very confusing for everyone with the amount of change occurring.

While these are all pretty typical changes you might expect from your teen, it can be incredibly helpful during this time for your teen to have someone to talk to other than you or their friends to process all of these changes that are occurring with their body and mind.

In addition to providing teen counseling for typical developmental issues, I also have extensive experience working with teens that are experiencing more serious mental health concerns. I worked for many years as a specialist at the CAPPS clinic at UCLA where teens are treated for issues such as early signs of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder.

If your teen is showing any of the above signs or has already been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, teen counseling is more of a necessity than a luxury. As your teenager learns about the symptoms they are struggling with, why they are there, and how to alleviate them, they can finally experience the richness of the stage of life they are in.

Emma Allison is a Canadian home schooled teenager who writes and edits for her book blog, Booking Through 365. She hopes to be a young adult librarian when she comes of age. For now, she reads, writes, tweets in excessive quantities and attempts to understand quantum physics in her spare time.

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