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Ruben Korolev
Ruben Korolev

Cat Goddess Cpl

A colleague asked me to trap a feral kitten in his garden in summer 1988. Being very green at the time i turned up with a basket and discovered a 5 month old cat. Luckily she was starving and I could scruff her and stuff her in a basket. She was also a bit to thick to be truly feral and we later found out she had been dumped by a person who regularly dumped half-Persian kittens in that area (close to farmland). She was apricot coloured with a fluffy tail. We called her Aphrodite because she was beautiful but untouchable like a love goddess. She was nicknamed "fizzy orange cat" because she fizzed and exploded if picked up, and "squitten" because she was a kitten with a fluffy squirrel tail. She grew up into a "Squat" (rhymes with "cat") and became a most devoted companion who benevolently saw many old cats join our household and pass away. She knew she was our "forever cat".

Cat Goddess Cpl

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Before shipping home at the end of World War II, six American Army Air Force officers explore an Asian bazaar. Daru, a snake charmer, lets them photograph him holding a cobra. Paul Able mentions the cult of the Lamians, who worship snakes, and Daru says that Paul can see it for himself.[4] He brings them to the Lamian temple, warning them that they will die if caught. They see a dance about the rescue of the Lamian people by their cobra goddess. As the dancer slides back into a woven basket, a drunk Nick Hommel photographs her. The Lamians are outraged, and their priest curses the intruders. 350c69d7ab

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