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A fully-protected Ceph in Crysis 2 may be taken down by HMGs or DMRs, which sometimes require the player to remain stationary and be killed slowly by one of the two weapons to kill the Ceph. Also, they can be taken down by the new yet untested Jackal, which can easily knock out large Ceph by using the detachable HMG. And, as usual, they are easily taken down by the new recruits. Try to fight with Alcatraz.

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Ceph are often equipped with the HMG and the Detachable HMG as well as DMRs, Large Pulse Rifles, the Compound Bow, and a Detachable RPG (rocket propelled grenade launcher). Most of the time, an HMG will be the more efficient choice in combat with a Ceph, as they have a wide area of effect when used, and they are capable of leveling a building. A Ceph can be killed by the new recruits if there is nobody with a higher training level around.

In Crysis, an Ceph is generally difficult to defeat, regardless of the weapon used, as it shields its legs with smoke. In Crysis 2, an Ceph is usually killed with a sniper rifle or an HMG. In Crysis 3, a Ceph will always be killed by an HMG if used. Additionally, a full-suited Ceph, if grabbed by a character who is armed with an HMG, will take a lot of damage before dropping in a disabled state. However, if the character who is carrying the HMG is grabbed by a Ceph, it will only take slightly more damage until being entirely destroyed. If an HMG is used against a Ceph, it will not damage the Ceph, regardless of whether it dies or continues to move.

Ceph in Crysis 2 can be knocked out using the Jackal with the detachable HMG or by a sniper rifle, and some are also killed by the detachable HMG. If the detachable HMG is used against a Ceph, it will only take slightly more damage before being destroyed, and if the Ceph is knocked out, Alcatraz will never use the.50 caliber round against it.

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